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Designing Tenant Storage Lockers: Top Considerations

04/18/2023 0 Comments business
Living in an apartment often necessitates additional storage space beyond the kitchen and dining areas. To address this need, many apartment and condominium owners now provide secure storage units for their residents. These units feature premium-quality wire mesh and a lockable access door. However, designing the ideal layout for tenant storage lockers can be a challenge, making some owners to forego this valuable amenity. To simplify the process, our CaWire experts have compiled essential considerations to keep in mind when implementing tenant storage lockers in your property.   Seek Professional Guidance Engaging a professional for industrial projects is highly recommended. While you could manage on your own, having an expert by your side ensures greater efficiency. Our CaWire experts can guide you through each step, helping determine an ideal layout that suits your apartment complex using standard and custom dimensions.   Consider Clearance Obstructions When finalizing the installation location for your tenant storage lockers, pay close attention to any clearance obstructions. Common examples in apartment buildings include ventilation ducts, lights, pipes, fiber optics, and wiring. Choosing the tallest locker may seem tempting, but you need to make sure that there is proper clearance for any ceiling-mounted obstructions. Also, be mindful of mechanical elements on floors and walls, such as electrical panels and boxes, sump pumps, and water heaters. If opting for custom storage solutions, take these measurements into account to avoid blocking equipment access after installation.   Choose the Right Type  There are various designs available for tenant storage lockers, with single-tier and double-tier lockers being the most popular choices. Single-tier lockers are favored by landlords, but if maximizing the number of lockers is a priority, consider double-tier lockers. While they reduce individual storage capacity, they provide more units for residents to utilize.   Assess the Room You need to consider factors like floor and door swing. If you plan to install tenant storage solutions in a garage or basement, you might encounter a slight floor slope to divert rainwater. Most locker units are designed for flat surfaces, but you can use risers or shims to accommodate the slope and save costs.   Contact CaWaire for Professional Tips and Guidance For professional tips and guidance, contact CaWire. Our experienced team at CaWire can provide professional advice and premium quality products to help you create ideal tenant storage lockers for your property. With years of field expertise, we have worked on various wired shelving projects and can assist you in approaching your project effectively. Contact our team at 800-486-7730 to learn more.


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