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A Guide to Using Pallet Racking Protectors

04/01/2019 0 Comments uncategorized
Pallet racking protectors help safeguard your warehouse and can ensure your team is protected in completing their daily tasks and operations. Harnessing the power of pallet racking protectors can significantly improve a warehouses floorspace, organization, and functionality. In this latest post, we’re presenting a guide to choosing the best pallet racking protectors and how to work with them. Use guard rails with them Guard rails are an effective tool for protecting the exterior areas of pallet racking against damage from forklifts. These guard rails provide a steel barrier around the pallet and are bolted to the floor to ensure stability. The end-of-aisle frame guards are also used in the same way and stretch from the ground to protect the area around the edge of the aisle. The advantage in this style of protector is that it safeguards the front column, which further stabilizes the entire system. Work with free-standing frame protectors Frame protectors are another great option for use in the warehouse space. They work by bolting to the floor in front of the rack frame and providing a key barrier between the forklift and the baseplate. These systems are often ideal for ensuring you only have to replace the protector itself rather than an entire upright beam within your warehouse when you have a forklift impact. Turn to protector experts for guidance Before choosing pallet racking protectors for your warehouse space, ensure you have the input of a professional with experience in the racking protection industry. There is a multitude of different elements that must be taken into consideration when choosing protectors. For example, how large will the protectors need to be to offer the requisite level of support and protection in the warehouse? What material are the protectors to be constructed from in order to provide protection for the years ahead? Working with a local pallet racking protector manufacturer can help answer these questions and ensure you are prepared to make the ideal selections moving forward. California Wire Products Our trusted team at California Wire Products has many years of experience in manufacturing pallet racking protectors for clients. We provide custom welded and woven wire mesh options that surpass many of the traditional solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our services and our wide range of products and options.

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