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A Guide to the Safety Benefits of Pallet Racking Protectors

07/22/2019 0 Comments uncategorized

Your pallets and pallet racking present a potential safety risk to those working in your facility.

Let’s explore how you can protect your building and your employees with pallet racking protectors.

The causes of pallet racking collapse

To understand the value of pallet racking protectors, it’s important you first learn the major causes of system failure. These causes include:

  • Vehicle collisions

Vehicles such as forklifts can collide with the pallet racking if the operator isn’t careful. Oftentimes, operators misjudge the distance between the vehicle and the racking and nudge a product which then leads to the entire rack falling.

  • Poor racking construction

Pallet racking should be designed to meet the standards set by pallet Racking Standards AS 4084-2012. Products and materials that don’t meet this standard have inherent structural flaws that can lead to the pallet falling.  Make sure your pallet is built professionally and that all industry standards have been met before using the system.

  • Uneven system base

The base to the pallet racking provides stability to the entire structure. If the floor underneath the structure is uneven, the structure can become unbalanced. And then it’s only a matter of time before the racking falls.

How pallet racking protectors work

To counter these failures, use pallet racking protectors within your facility. Options include:

  • Rack end protectors

Pallet rack end protectors are your best option for preventing damage from vehicle collisions. They will prevent forklifts from getting too close and impacting the rack.

  • Column guards

Column guards are another great protective tool for your facility. They work by offering stability and support to the entire rack so that collision damage can be reduced.

  • Support bars

To spread the load from the pallet, you might consider using pallet support bars. In addition to offering load-bearing qualities, support bars also prevent smaller pallets from becoming dislodged and falling from the structure.

Work with California Wire Products for the latest pallet racking protectors

Our pallet racking protectors can reduce your facility maintenance costs and protect your team. We have decades of experience designing and manufacturing quality protectors and can suggest the best model for your facility.

Ready to review the options? Make the call to our office team today.


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