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A Guide to Ensuring Your Ideal Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh Order

04/15/2019 0 Comments uncategorized
When choosing stainless-steel wire mesh from your local manufacturer, making sure you get the order completed correctly can minimize project slow-downs and help support your team. Our experts at California Wire Products have many years of experience in manufacturing stainless-steel wire mesh products and in this latest post, we’ll explain how to optimize the ordering process. Keep detailed records of prior orders One of the first tips we recommend for those working with a stainless-steel wire mesh manufacturer is to begin the process with meticulous record-keeping. Make sure that all elements of the project are noted down, including the point of contact within the companies and also the type of wire mesh and the specifications for the project. This will offer the ideal reference point for future projects. Discuss material needs Before you begin the job, you should find out how much material you require when completing a wire mesh project. This requires you to work with the manufacturer in reviewing your project requirements and then estimating based on past examples working with other clients. Consider mesh count Another key consideration within your stainless-steel wire mesh project is mesh count. This is determined by how many threads of mesh are crossing per linear inch of material. The higher the mesh count, the finer the threads and holes are in the screen. And so, it’s important to review your application and consider which style of mesh offers the optimal performance. For environments in which companies must be protected against insects and other smaller intruders, a mesh with a higher mesh count is often required. Ask for samples Getting samples of the material before confirming your order is the best way to ensure the right material is chosen. The samples can then be sent to your team for analysis and then approval. This process should be completed in close communication with your wire mesh manufacturer to determine how the sample performs and if any changes are required after analysis. Our team at California Wire Products now offers a range of stainless-steel wire mesh options for use throughout the industrial market. To learn more about our products, call us today and speak with our team!

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