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4 Reasons to Use Infill Panels with Wire Stair Railing

04/30/2018 0 Comments uncategorized
Buildings with significant height disparities between floors use railings to help secure those traveling up and down the property throughout the day. But it’s important to consider other measures when applying the railing to the building. In this latest post, our team at Cal-Wire highlights the four reasons to use infill panels with wire stair railings.
  1. Security
The first and most obvious consideration when installing wire stair railings is security. It’s important that you can prevent smaller children and others from entering the space underneath the railing and falling down. The benefit of working with infill panels is that they can easily be installed underneath the railing and will provide a view down to the ground between the panels. They prevent access to the area underneath the wire stair railing while still allowing those at the higher level to look below between the panel spaces.
  1. Limited maintenance
Another great benefit of working with infill panels is they’re designed for limited maintenance within the building. This means that once installed, you’ll save money on the maintenance of the panels and simply be able to count upon improved building security for the years to come. The products when manufactured by experts in the industry such as Cal-Wire are designed for the maximum level of durability and can help to limit building costs.
  1. Wide-range of color and finishing options
Because of the flexibility of infill panels and the number of companies producing the materials, there are a number of options for use within the modern building. Companies can, therefore, ensure that the infill panels within their buildings are designed for use specifically within their property and according to their color requirements.
  1. Improved aesthetics
A wire stair railing or stairwell without infill panels can look untidy and unsafe, and so it’s important to use the panels to improve the aesthetic appeal of the area within the property. The products can be simple to install and will add aesthetic and functional value to the area for years to come.   Our team at Cal-Wire is here to guide you in choosing infill panels for your building. To discover more about our options, call us today.  

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